Why would we do this? We are a family with twin girls (that’s them up there :)) and a pet dog who like to learn about helpful techniques and products to ease the pressures of parenthood or life.

Since having our little girls, we have not been able to find the manual! We must have left it at the hospital. After learning fast, without any practise, we found some things worked well sometimes with our little crew and we worked through some good and bad products. Everything from sleep techniques to potty training. The experiences we had and share are things we would talk to our own mother – either the highlights or the lowlights.

We are tired of seeing unsubstantiated recommendations for products to help us in our daily lives. We bought each product with our own money and actually used each one in our home. If we like it we will provide a link to it, if we don’t then we won’t.  We think we found some really neat hacks and products to make life easier and more enjoyable….so we’re looking to share that with you.

We’d really like to hear from others for anything which has helped you along the way, it doesn’t matter if it’s a home remedy, a technique which helps bed time or a product which you can’t live without. It’s great to share those things and we look really forward to it.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We will not promote poor products as you will see, only products which have been tested by general and continuous family use.