Motion Sensor Lights – No longer afraid of the dark

We were thinking how we are going to be able to get our kids out of nappies at night….and after a night of trial and a lack of lighting options, the hallway light was left on all night…even after the sun came up.

There had to be a better way. We needed a light that could come on if either of our kids got out of bed and trying to get to the toilet. There were no power points in the hallway and didnt want to have to shuffle around trying to find batteries for some of the units which are available. The hunt was on, searching reviews, comparing power options, looking into battery life.

It had to be rechargeble, able to last for quite a while, didn’t want to have recharge it every week or two. The light was only to come on when it wasn’t daylight….. Admittedly we found gold first strike…this unit is awesome, it is rechargable with a USB charger and we’ve got a few of those about nowadays. The batter life lasts for months without a recharge, it only comes on when there is low light, and it stays on for 30 seconds so everyone can get their bearings. Any movement in the dark will set it off, so a small wave of a small hand can do it….even the dog entertains himself with it now and then.

There are two levels of lighting, low and high, so you can adjust the brightness when it comes on. It can also be used as a random light anywhere when needed. We love that it’s rechargable and it doesn’t take very long to charge, but lasts for ages.

Instead of sticking it to the wall with screws, we used a double sided velco stickers so we can take it on and off easily to recharge or to move it to another room or even when searching in the depths of the wardrobe….so good I got one for my sister and getting one for my mum!

Look out for a photo soon!

This light is insane! A suggested place to get one. Helping us train our toddlers!