We have added personal Spiderman Birthday Messages for sale at  http://www.shoutout4kidz.com  That’s right, a video message from Spiderman where he says the child’s name.

The character actually will say the childs’ name with some interesting and positive message. I’m a Spiderman fan and love the animation. The name is also displayed on the screen. One of our daughters is a super fan and loves watching anything with Spiderman. I have been testing it with her! Her eyes light up when Spiderman says her name. She looks at me like he personally knows her….”How does he know my name? He said my name!!!” Play it again daddy.

There’s a nifty link to buy a personal birthday message. Here is the Spiderman link: http://shoutout4kidz.com/Spiderman-Birthday-Custom-Name-Message/

You can choose from a list of recipient names. Not all the names are there.  You can also have Spiderman make a special mention of the people whom sent the message with him, like Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy and Mummy! This is so neat. It means that brothers and sisters can send a message or cousins or any family member.

I’ve seen a few cool samples on their YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOifyxJ5hFNH113MdyzXBSQ/featured

The animation is great, and the way the character can say the name is incredible. There is nothing else like it. You can play the message over and over and over again. The youtube videos look awesome on the big screen!

There are so many combinations, but I wonder if there are enough names for everyone. You can register if you can’t find the name you want here:  http://shoutout4kidz.com/Register/

I love to be involved in creative stuff coming out. You can register and suggest what you want.